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Map Gallery

General maps

Borough map displays the map of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

Administrative boundaries shows the administrative boundaries in the borough, including Neighbourhood and Ward boundaries.

Polling shows the polling districts and polling stations.

Community Infrastructure Levy shows the areas in which certain new developments will be charged a levy to fund infrastructure improvements.

Education maps

Schools shows the locations of schools with in the borough.


Highway responsibility indicates ownership of and maintenance responsibility for the highway, as well as the location of public right of way

Parking Parking restriction information, including waiting & loading, parking bays and controlled parking zones.

Planning maps

Local Development Framework proposals map illustrates the planning policies and proposals in the borough's development plans.

Heritage shows information related to the historic structures and surroundings within the borough.

Tree Preservation Orders shows the locations of Tree preservation orders.

Article 4 areas Article 4 Direction boundaries. As of 1st october 2015, Permitted Development Rights no longer apply and you will need planning permission to convert an office into a house or flat, in certain parts of the Borough.

Ennvironmental health maps

Air quality monitoring sites shows sites which are continuously monitoring, in real time, two pollutant types - Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM10). Also shown are the current and historic locations of diffusion tubes, which are used for monitoring levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air.

Borough valuers maps

Council ownership shows information related to council owned land.